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The UK government is made up of several political structures, including the Prime Minister, government departments, the civil service, local governments, and parliament (1). Political climate refers to the population’s interpretations and judgements of political events and processes (2). Political climate can be shaped by rhetoric, which is the use of language to persuade, invoke emotions and find consensus (3).


Political Structures Risk

Risk Factor

Transitions in political structures can lead to a time of limited economic growth (4). This is a risk factor for mental health as this can affect funding for health care and individuals’ financial security.

Political climate can also be a risk factor for mental health difficulties. For example, Brexit left some people feeling uncertain. This uncertainty has been associated with increased antidepressant prescription, especially for people who voted to leave the EU (5). When political rhetoric is used to polarise and stigmatise certain groups, it can be divisive. Divisive rhetoric has been linked to chronic stress, discrimination, and stigma in ethnic minority populations; which are risk factors for mental health difficulties (3).



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