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Civic engagement includes any activities performed by an individual or group to identify and address matters of public concern (1). This can be a political (voting) or non-political activity (volunteering, charitable giving).


Civic Engagement Risk/Pro

Risk and/or Protective Factor

People experiencing mental health difficulties are less likely to vote in elections (2).  Furthermore, people with mental health difficulties can be excluded from voting based on a perception of incompetence (3). This can have negative effects on the shaping of policies and legislations promoting mental health.


Political activism can be both a protective and a risk factor for mental health. Exposure to activism in childhood has been associated with providing people with resilience, a sense of belonging and a sense of empowerment, which are protective factors for mental health (4). On the other hand, political activism can also be a source of trauma, and thus a risk factor (5). 


Volunteering is a protective factor for mental health. It has been associated with lower levels of depressive symptoms (6). Similarly, charitable giving has been associated with a positive effect on mental well-being (7).



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