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Marriage, civil or domestic partnerships are legally or formally recognised unions of two people as partners in a personal relationship (1,2). People who are married or in a civil partnership have more rights and responsibilities than couples who are living together (1,2). Since 2013, people from same-sex couples have been legally allowed to get married (3).


Marriage/Partnerships Risk/Pro

Risk and/or Protective Factor

Being in a partnership, legally recognised or not, can have an impact on mental health. Research has shown that marriage is associated with higher satisfaction and a decreased risk for depression in comparison to unmarried people (4). Being in a civil or domestic partnership as a same-sex couple has been associated with decreased depressive symptoms and increased well-being in comparison to non-recognised relationships (5).

Changes to partnership status, including separation, divorce, or becoming widowed, have been linked to mental health difficulties, such as substance abuse and depression (6). 



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