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The criminal justice system, which includes restorative justice, is the collective body promoting rule of law and justice, involving institutions such as police, courts, prisons and the Crown Prosecution Service (1).


Criminal Justice System Risk

Risk Factor

The criminal justice system is a risk factor for mental health difficulties. For people in a mental health crisis, police are often the first responders. This may lead to people with mental health difficulties being involuntarily detained in hospital (2). These compulsory admissions have been associated with feelings of fear and loss of control (3). As the likelihood of being detained is higher for ethnic minority populations (4), this adds to health disparities.


People in prisons face a higher risk of experiencing mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis, potentially due to exposure to violence and enforced solitude (5,6). Furthermore, prisoners can have barriers to accessing care (7); leading to worse mental health outcomes.


The stress of transitioning from prison to the community can be a risk factor for mental health difficulties as recent release from prison has been associated with higher suicide rates (8).



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