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Physical health is the entire wellbeing of the body, not just the absence of disease (1). Aspects of physical ill-health, such as illness, disability, and frailty, can affect mental health.


Physical Health Risk/Pro

Risk and/or Protective Factor

Physical and mental health comorbidity is common. Many people who have chronic physical conditions also experience mental health difficulties like depression or anxiety (2,3). Also, individuals with mental health difficulties have a higher risk of developing physical health problems than the general population (4).

A disability is an impairment of the body or the mind that limits activities (such as seeing or walking) and has participatory restrictions in daily activities (5). Disabilities can be a risk factor for mental health difficulties, as people with disabilities may experience increased distress in comparison to people without disabilities (6).

Frailty is common amongst older adults and is associated with weakness, slowness and decreased energy (7). This decline in health and autonomy can be a risk factor, as frailty has been associated with lower psychological well-being (8). 



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