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Aspirations and ambitions are personal desires to meet long-term goals or achievements (1). Intrinsic ambitions are goals relating to personal growth and meaningful relationships and contributions to the community (2). On the other hand, extrinsic aspirations are goals which involve financial success, popularity and attractiveness (2).


Aspi/Ambi Pro/Risk

Risk and/or Protective Factor

Ambitions and aspirations can be protective factors for mental health as they can give meaning and structure to life (3). Having intrinsic aspirations has been associated with better mental health (4). Contrarily, extrinsic aspirations have been linked to lower well-being (5). However, if the extrinsic ambitions are linked to fulfilling needs, such as financial security, then these ambitions may contribute to well-being (3).

Another important aspect is whether ambitions are achievable or unrealistic. Unrealistic aspirations may be a risk factor, for example perfectionism has been linked to distress, depression, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders (6).



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